Медицический университет

About DMU

Dalian Medical University (DMU), founded in 1947, is a well-known domestic key medical university. After more than 60 year’s development, it has fledged into a multi-disciplinary medical university offering programs in other fields like arts, science, management, and law. It ranks first level among 30 medical universities, which were authorized to enroll foreign students for MBBS course in English medium by the Education Ministry, as well as one of eight universities which are appointed to supervise the teaching quality of medical education in English medium. In 2008, DMU was appraised excellent for undergraduate teaching quality by the Ministry of Education. English as a teaching medium has covered all the majors now. In 2009,it was authorized by Education Ministry of China to train the Chinese government scholarship students. It is on the list of the WHO and the degree is recognized by most countries in the world. Various scholarship programs for excellent foreign students are available, such as China government scholarship, Liaoning Provincial scholarship, Dalian Government scholarship and University scholarship.
DMU occupies an area of 1.5 square kilometers with thousand- meter coastal line and natural
bathing beach. The basic teaching standard ranks top level within the whole country. Until the end of 2010,there were 39 PhD programs, 62 Master programs, 14 Bachelor programs. There are 2 directly affiliated hospitals with nearly 4000 beds and more than 100 teaching bases all over China.
The international education of DMU started in 1985. In 2010, there have been more than 1300 foreign students from more than 70 countries studying at the school. The number of long term foreign students is top among all Chinese medical universities.
The campus has three international student dormitories and one apartment building. Various foods can be found in the campus cafeteria, restaurant and Muslim canteen. The life and sports facilities are convenient for all the students.
Every year the school will organize various extracurricular activities and social practice, such as the annual cultural festival, sports tournament, ect., enable the students to develop into a comprehensive doctor with an international view.
It has established close collaborative relationships with over 90 universities and 38 research institutions in more than 35 countries and regions. It provides teachers and students with the valuable chance to exchange with world famous universities.

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